From Product Design to Ready to Build

Innovation & Efficiency in Mind

Our engineering service offering is dedicated to Chinese clients who are looking for a fast and new way to complete their engineering deliverable without compromising on the final quality. How do we make this happen? By maximizing the use of our advanced 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and applying latest product development best practices & trends our partners collected in Europe & North America.

Engineering Outsourcing

Just give us your requirements and we'll take care of the entire 3D design of your product, whether your project team follows the traditional v-cycle or agile product design approach.


Engineering Consulting

We share common practices which have already given proven business transformation results including social ideation, product lifecycle management or model based systems engineering.


BIM 3D Outsourcing

We create 3D models of your AEC project with the help of 3DEXPERIENCE Catia from LOD 100 to LOD 400. And since those models are compliant with IFC rules, you may integrate them in a Revit project if needed!


BIM 4D Outsourcing

We help you to simulate all major steps of the construction to anticipate crane installation challenges or indentify the cheapest what if construction scenarios in a few minutes


Supported Industries

Service Name

Transport & Mobility

From real time social ideation to predictive car maintenance

Service Name

AEC & Smart Cities

From urban space planning to intelligent operation management

Service Name


From project business case to autonomous ship operation management

Service Name

Aerospace & Airlines

From futuristic concepts to amazing passenger experience

Service Name

High Tech & Semiconductor

From nanoscience to the internet of experience

Service Name


From fundamental research to smart grid management

Our Engineering Skills

We are regularly upgrading our team skills so that we could follow together the latest innovation initiatives such as Made In China 2025

Requirements Management
3D Mechanical Design
3D Bridge & Tunnel Design
Modularity Management
Change & Configuration Management
Platform Architecture
Model Based Systems Engineering
Supplier Management
3D Printing Model Validation
Conformity Management
Material Compliance
Product Certification

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