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What tomorrow will look like? Well, you may have noticed that driverless transportion, virtual reality games, smart cities are not dreams any more but becoming a reality thanks to leading companies in North America, Europe or Asia. That's a good hint about what's waiting for us in a near future and actually, this is just a start... What if you could play an active role in this upcoming business revolution?

By joining theXpertIS, you will get a unique opportunity in helping Chinese clients to adopt 3DEXPERIENCE to develop outstanding products & consumer experiences. We are looking for tean members who have a real passion for industry, master lastest version of 3DEXPERIENCE from a functional standpoint and are not afraid in opening the hood of the platform to troubleshoot configuration issues.

If you fit one of our open positions published below, we’d love to get your application!

Right now we are looking for...

Team Role

3DEXPERIENCE High-Tech Consultant

You bring new ideas and your deep knowledge of 3EXPERIENCE capabilities to help our clients in building new innovative high-tech experiences.

TheXpertIS Academy

Your first steps in the 3DEXPERIENCE world

Are you looking for an easy way to boost your career as a fresh graduate? Take a chance to join our new theXpertIS academy, a 2 months training program which will allow you to join our team as a 3DEXPERIENCE consultant. During this session, you will get insights about global industry trends (including for instance VR, IoT or 3D printing), put your hands on our cool 3DEXPERIENCE platform through interactive demo sessions and develop new apps based on real case studies.

Interested in joining this great program? Check if you meet our basic pre-requisites below and get in touch with us to go to next step!

Fresh Graduate

This program is dedicated to young university graduates with less than 2 years of experience and whose major is ideally in the field of information technology or mechanical engineering.

Java Programming

That's the most important skills you need to have to attend our accademy since most of 3DEXPERIENCE technology relies on this language. If you also master C++, you may even become one of our Catia development stars!


Some sessions of this training programm will be given in Shakespeare language and once graduated you'll have to use English to support our future international clients. Double check your level before applying!

Chinese National

The first academy sessions are reserved to young Chinese professionals however we may extend this program to other nationalities in the future, be patient!

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